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Current Clients of Personalized Marketing and Promotions

 *Some Clients are not listed due to Privacy Request*

Dana Littlejohn (Marketing, Promotions, Website Services, Publicist)

Jaxx Steele (Marketing, Promotions, Website Services, Publicist)

Fortis Fitness & Eco-Diet (Social Site Marketing & Website Maintenance) |

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Past Clients of Personalized Marketing

 *Some Clients Websites Are No Longer Active*

  • Impact Fitness | How Do I Get Great Legs |

  • One Love Co (Business Management)

  • The Blaguard Resturant (Website Development)

  • G Renee Management Comp (Website Development)

  • Back-Roads Treasures and Awesome Gift Ideas (Client Closed Business)

  • Ternion Merchant Services (Website Development)

  • Carol Shenold (Website Development)

  • Raven Starr (Video Creations)

  • AC Katt (Website Maintenance, Marketing)

  • Sheryl Brennan (Website Development)

  • Violin Tutor Pro (Website Development)

  • Smart Card America (Website Development)