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Category: Guest Blogger

Thank You Veterans

Visit to honor those members who are both authors and have graciously served our country! Salute To Author Veterans #Author #Veterans #VeteransDay2020 #RLFblog

Guest Post by Career Karma

What Does Remote Work Mean For Tech Salaries Working from home is the new trend for employees. Remote work used to be a luxury. Now it has become a standard way of working for tech employees. Tech companies built sprawling campuses aimed at giving employees all of the luxuries their employees had at home: deluxe espresso machines, gym memberships, showers, and sushi stations for lunch. There is no doubt these are cool to have in an office, but many of these amenities are enjoyed more at home. Tech employees made this a realization when COVID-19 forced them to work at…

#PMInc 11th Anniversary Guest Author: Jillian Bullock

Taking Care Of You: Know When It’s Time To Let Go As an award winning filmmaker, I wear many hats – director, writer, actor, producer, and fight choreographer. I am now working on building my production company to greater heights and open my own in-house film studio by late 2020. Being a filmmaker and the CEO of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, I often have to make tough decisions, which is necessary to grow, to change, to improve, to get better, and to succeed. When you make these tough decisions for your own life, it sometimes includes letting go of people…

#PMInc Guest: CTR Staff Delane

#PMInc Guest CTR Delane

Personalized Marketing Inc 11th Anniversary Guest Blogger: Coffee Time Romance Staffer – Delane You know them, you love them as much as we do! Welcome the Coffee Time Romance Staffers! So we asked them some questions on how they take care of themselves. Visit with the Coffee Time Staffers August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 24th. Are you glued to technology and if so, what do you do to disconnect?  I for one, with my disability, live technology and love it.  However, I do not get on social media or websites; I spend my time primarily reading, doing bible studies,…

#PMInc 11th Anniversary Guest Author: @KayelleAllen

#PMInc Guest Author Kayelle Allen

Taking Care Of You: Sleep. My sincere thanks to Dee Carver for inviting me to share on her website. Dee is special to me. She’s not just someone I know online — she’s also a great friend. I trust her with the keys to my kingdom. She is my website designer and guru. Today happens to be her birthday. Dee, I hope your day is lovely all day long! When Dee asked me to talk about self-care for authors, my mind immediately went to one particular topic. It’s the one thing that has changed my life to give me not…