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PMInc, Authors, Marketing, PromotionsThere are a ton of articles on the Internet and in Print about how you should market your book. Are they all correct? No. Are they all wrong? No. Each one you find with have a method that has proven itself in some fashion or another, either by using keywords that took you to the marketing strategy page or perhaps an author wrote an article about how they marketed their book.

The key thing is “their”, you are generally reading about their work, their marketing, their focus groups, you need to focus on “YOURS”. No two authors are the same and neither are their books. However, you will find niche groups with the same demographics involved.

Knowing Your Focus Group

PM Inc primarily works with Romance Authors, which focuses on one main content, “romance”. Generally, the demographics are similar, female readers, ages 18-70, ebook and print. Pretty large focus group huh? Now say that I wanted to be more specific? So I take a look at the second genre of the book, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, comedy, inspirational, controversial, etc. This will immediately begin to separate some of my “massive” focus group. Once we have the division, we then need another one, ebook or print or combination. Not everyone likes to read on electronic devices, shocking I know. Yet the same can be said for the opposite, some refuse to read print any longer.

If you have a print only edition, then adding ebook readers to the list can work but it cannot be a primary part of your marketing. My belief is that ‘any book available in print should have an electronic version of it’, the market for ebooks is just too large to ignore. However, not all ebooks will see paper, whether it’s because the author cannot afford too, the publishing company limits printed copies or the author just does not want a printed edition, yes that happens too.

Breathing New Life Into Your Book

What if you want more print sales than electronic ones?  You could consider adding more to the print edition, such as character sheets, previews of other works, special letters, signed copies, cut scenes, anything that will make it different. I mention cut or deleted scenes because almost every book has at least one. A scene that may have not made it through the final editing process, and well authors are very reluctant to get rid of portions of their babies. This strategy requires not only knowing your material but also knowing your audience and finally using parts of that painful editing process to help your Print Edition stand out.

No matter which genre of book you have written you can breathe new life into it by using a deleted scene to make that re-released, updated story, extended cut print edition into a Special, Limited Edition Print Version of “Your Title”. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see that deleted scene, which ripped a part of your soul out to remove it, find a way inside your book!

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