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So sitting here with Cindy, Personalized Marketing Inc’s manager, I am thinking about what today’s post should be about. A few weeks ago, life threw some serious curve balls and I found myself relying on Automation. Now we know how I feel about automating anything, I’m not a huge fan… Marketing, websites, newsletters, emails and anything thing you are putting out there, requires a personal touch. However, I learned a valuable lesson recently. Automation is not a bad thing. Its pretty much like any other piece of technology. It is what you make of it.


Granted, I schedule posts in advance and rely on automation to send them out. I plan client social media marketing material and use tools, such as Zoho Social, to send them out. However, it was not until recently that I embraced that tried and true form of ‘learning’ called ‘duh’. I spend each day planning out what we are putting on different social media networks and recently began using Google Calendar (Thanks to Cindy) for Personalized Marketing Inc items. I love my checklist and I want to see everything checked off by the end of the day. However, I was spending varying amounts of time each morning writing the same thing daily. By implementing daily and weekly tasks into the calendar, I spend less time planning and more time doing. I even found that spreadsheets have been saving me a ton of time looking stuff up by having things organized in a way that I can easily sort through.


I guess the focus of today’s ‘Wow’ is that 10 years later, I am still learning better ways to be more productive and offer more focused, quality time for our clients.

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PM Inc 10 Years Drawing Entry

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Welcome to the Personalized Marketing Inc’s new site and month-long anniversary party! Each week we are offering a different special and one big surprise during the final week! So, make sure to check back each week to take advantage of each new gift from us to you!


Week 1:

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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 22

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Be Thankful


Seems like it’s been a while since I posted an article focused on marketing and with Memorial Day right around the corner, this will not be your traditional post. Personalized Marketing Inc and I want to thank all those that serve to keep us free. However, we want to send out a special thank you to those men and women, their families and friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  

When we look at the jobs we have or the careers we have followed, we can get overwhelmed or may have forgotten how we got there. We may even forget those that gave us the chance to do exactly what we are right at this moment. So today’s post was going to be about the GDPR notices you might be sending out or getting in your inbox but instead, it is about saying thank you.

Spend some time this weekend and thank those that support you and your choices. Thank the family members (children, spouses, relatives, and friends) that despite everything stand behind you. They are the reason you are continuing down the path you have taken. Despite the “rough” days, the highs and lows, potential financial cost, they continue to stand beside you. They give up their time and emotions to support yours.

Thank your readers for taking time out to accept your “updated” newsletter confirmations you have been sending out to remain compliant. Say thank you to those who open your emails when you send them. Take a moment and send a personal “I would not be here without you” message to each person through it all is still behind you. It does not matter the method you chose to send out your messages just take a few minutes to remember those that support you. 

Thank You 

I want to personally send out a thank you to God, my children, my family, my friends and our clients. If it was not for each of you, I would not be sitting here writing this post.  A Special Thank You to the men and women who have given all and their families who sacrificed someone very special to them so that we can have the liberties we do. 


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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 20

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Taking Time For “Me”

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This might sound like an easy one but let’s be honest with ourselves, how often do we really take time for “me”? At the New Year we discussed making resolutions, realistic goals for making changes to our marketing endeavors. The blog series has had several tips on how to accomplish marketing using real steps that are focused on you. We even have a calendar for accomplishing the different task (to-do’s) you are responsible for each day. Yet, do we make time for “me”?

If you notice I am not using the terms ‘you or I or even us’ I am using “me”, because I want you to identify with yourself on this one as I am myself or me. So the goal we have for the next week is to find some “me” time. Trust me, I know how difficult this can sound and even be. If you are like me, then you have not just a job but a home life that consist of children, grandchildren, family, friends, community obligations and even church. During a singular day, I can find my schedule full from the time I awake until I go to bed and often the “me” time is found in bits and pieces or during small breaks.

Where Did “Me” Go?


I realized that my “me” time had disappeared over time and even though I had made a promise to spend some quality time with myself it hadn’t really happened. I have my morning coffee while going through the motions of starting the day. I read emails while sipping that coffee. I say bye to my girls while booting my computer or it’s already started while waiting on them. Then the moment they are out the door if not before, I have already began my day. Often times I take my lunch while working and get my exercise walking during meetings. Of course when the day is done, then I spend the evening doing ‘Mom’ things. Sounds familiar huh? I do not begrudge any of this and often enjoy it. However, after a recent conversation with a client of mine, I realized I gave up my quiet “me” time.

Why Is “Me” Time Important?


This sounds like a simple enough question and the answer really is … You have to have “me” time to recharge. You need “me” time to focus. We need “me” time to think about what the day has in store for us and how we want to accomplish it but we need to clear our heads first. Think about when you are starting a new project, you take time to consider all the options and plan out the steps? Well during that process you also take time to stop and think, the proverbial “me” time.

The Challenge


This step is the most simple and difficult part of all. We are now challenged with the task of taking a few minutes out each day for “me”. We can take the time, either in the morning before we begin the day; maybe before we wake our families or even after we get them up. During the middle of the day, when we need a recharge or even during the evening before we go to bed and try to rest while processing the day’s events. Any of these times seem like sound advice to me and depending on the day I may need to change things around. Which if we are trying to make a personal change, then the first step is finding out where that change is best suited to ‘us’. 


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