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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 22

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Be Thankful


Seems like it’s been a while since I posted an article focused on marketing and with Memorial Day right around the corner, this will not be your traditional post. Personalized Marketing Inc and I want to thank all those that serve to keep us free. However, we want to send out a special thank you to those men and women, their families and friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  

When we look at the jobs we have or the careers we have followed, we can get overwhelmed or may have forgotten how we got there. We may even forget those that gave us the chance to do exactly what we are right at this moment. So today’s post was going to be about the GDPR notices you might be sending out or getting in your inbox but instead, it is about saying thank you.

Spend some time this weekend and thank those that support you and your choices. Thank the family members (children, spouses, relatives, and friends) that despite everything stand behind you. They are the reason you are continuing down the path you have taken. Despite the “rough” days, the highs and lows, potential financial cost, they continue to stand beside you. They give up their time and emotions to support yours.

Thank your readers for taking time out to accept your “updated” newsletter confirmations you have been sending out to remain compliant. Say thank you to those who open your emails when you send them. Take a moment and send a personal “I would not be here without you” message to each person through it all is still behind you. It does not matter the method you chose to send out your messages just take a few minutes to remember those that support you. 

Thank You 

I want to personally send out a thank you to God, my children, my family, my friends and our clients. If it was not for each of you, I would not be sitting here writing this post.  A Special Thank You to the men and women who have given all and their families who sacrificed someone very special to them so that we can have the liberties we do. 


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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 21 – Web Presence 4

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Your Web Presence Series #4 

This is the final blog for our four part series written to help give you some basics for not just being safe online but also to ensure that your web presence is what you want it to be. In our previous post we covered security measures (Series #1) for your website, hosting options (Series #2), and your website (Series #3) itself. 


In this post we are going to go over social media networks and blogs. These are more marketing focused but also include some SEO concerns as well. 

Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 21 – Your Web Presence Series #4

Social Media Networks | Blogs

Social Media Networks and Blogs, even those these are two different creatures they have the same essential function, drive traffic to where you are pointing people. They also need to look like or have the same branding as your primary location. They should be integrated into your primary location. They are a part of your overall web presence and need to be updated and monitored accordingly.

Your Facebook page has several features that you may not have noticed yet, such as Newsletter integration, shop capabilities outside of the Facebook Shop, even a way to communicate with current and new readers. Host events and plan parties that you can invite others to attend. Share your social calendar with others while adding some personal items to give your fans and future readers the chance to get to know you. If your social network does not at least resemble your website, does not engage your readers and isn’t a place that encourages interactions then you are missing the mark, especially with Facebook. Gone are the days of just posting advertisements, you cannot have a bland automated social network any longer. 


Blogs should be on your website but you should also be copying them to Blogger. Why?

Ultimately, because Google owns Blogger, Google promotes what it owns and we all want listed on the #1 Search Engine. Blogger is also a good way to keep a live running back-up of your site’s blog. You can choose to duplicate your site on your blogger, give it different content than your site, or just have a navigation that links to your site’s pages. I personally prefer a mix-up, links in the navigation that lead back to PM Inc but also content that is just for the blogger itself. Gives a little bit more of some SEO opportunities and gives the viewers some additional information. Back when we hosted Blog Hops, Blogger was our primary site for it, we also have opportunities for advertisement on the blogger site that is not available on our primary blog.


Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 21 – Your Web Presence Series #4 | Social Icons

Newsletters | Landing Pages 


Finally, we are going to discuss newsletters a little. Newsletters are a great way to share with others about events happening. These things can be anything going on in your writing career, what you did last week in your garden, or even maybe a favorite desert. Newsletters are a way to communicate with a large or even small audience without having to send out individual emails, or doing mass emailing (which can get you marked as spam). Newsletters should reflect not only the person or site (author or books) but also what the topic of the email is going to be about. It should also be no longer than an average blog post (this one not counted). People are busy, emails should get right to the point, and newsletters have to make their point quickly and in a way that encourages people to read more.

Opening the newsletter a viewer should see ‘Who’ the Site Title / Image / Logo, the ‘What’ Title of the Newsletter, ‘Why’ Description or why the newsletter is important. ‘When’ If there is a time limit or event happening. ‘Where’ the location of where they find out more information. ‘How’ content relevant to the topic. As you can see a newsletter should answer the same 5 questions a website has, a newsletter is a single page of information condensed to taking the readers to the various destinations intended. When creating the content for your next newsletter or even a landing page, keep those 5 questions in mind. 

Landing Pages 

I mention landing pages at the end because they are different than a website page and a newsletter but are also a combination of them. Landing pages are a mini version of your website with a singular event in mind. They are like a newsletter because they are condensed and focused on a particular topic but are not constrained by the same amount of detail a newsletter has. Landing pages are simply put an ad, very similar to those in papers and magazines, that have one job function, engage the viewers to complete the call-to-action


Newsletters, Landing Pages and Websites should all have the branding for a particular author/brand/series added. You have to have a continual visual image that no matter what you are writing about it can carry through to your next venture. 

I know we have given you quite a lot of content to read and several things to consider. We are here to help; we have several service packages that are tailored to what YOU the client needs based on YOU alone.


We are including a 10% discount for any item offered on the Personalized Marketing Inc Hosting site and main site, good through June 1st 2018.
Just as a way of saying thank you for reading the blog post.

PM Inc Main Site (including PM Inc SSL and Installation Service): Just email us and mention “Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 21 Blog Post Promo: RMOGpt21” or fill out the form and the discount will be added. 

PM Inc Hosting Code: ( RMOGpt21 ) Must either click the link or paste the code in the shopping cart to get the discount. 


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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 20

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Taking Time For “Me”

Personalized Marketing Inc , me time, #PMInc


This might sound like an easy one but let’s be honest with ourselves, how often do we really take time for “me”? At the New Year we discussed making resolutions, realistic goals for making changes to our marketing endeavors. The blog series has had several tips on how to accomplish marketing using real steps that are focused on you. We even have a calendar for accomplishing the different task (to-do’s) you are responsible for each day. Yet, do we make time for “me”?

If you notice I am not using the terms ‘you or I or even us’ I am using “me”, because I want you to identify with yourself on this one as I am myself or me. So the goal we have for the next week is to find some “me” time. Trust me, I know how difficult this can sound and even be. If you are like me, then you have not just a job but a home life that consist of children, grandchildren, family, friends, community obligations and even church. During a singular day, I can find my schedule full from the time I awake until I go to bed and often the “me” time is found in bits and pieces or during small breaks.

Where Did “Me” Go?


I realized that my “me” time had disappeared over time and even though I had made a promise to spend some quality time with myself it hadn’t really happened. I have my morning coffee while going through the motions of starting the day. I read emails while sipping that coffee. I say bye to my girls while booting my computer or it’s already started while waiting on them. Then the moment they are out the door if not before, I have already began my day. Often times I take my lunch while working and get my exercise walking during meetings. Of course when the day is done, then I spend the evening doing ‘Mom’ things. Sounds familiar huh? I do not begrudge any of this and often enjoy it. However, after a recent conversation with a client of mine, I realized I gave up my quiet “me” time.

Why Is “Me” Time Important?


This sounds like a simple enough question and the answer really is … You have to have “me” time to recharge. You need “me” time to focus. We need “me” time to think about what the day has in store for us and how we want to accomplish it but we need to clear our heads first. Think about when you are starting a new project, you take time to consider all the options and plan out the steps? Well during that process you also take time to stop and think, the proverbial “me” time.

The Challenge


This step is the most simple and difficult part of all. We are now challenged with the task of taking a few minutes out each day for “me”. We can take the time, either in the morning before we begin the day; maybe before we wake our families or even after we get them up. During the middle of the day, when we need a recharge or even during the evening before we go to bed and try to rest while processing the day’s events. Any of these times seem like sound advice to me and depending on the day I may need to change things around. Which if we are trying to make a personal change, then the first step is finding out where that change is best suited to ‘us’. 


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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 19

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In observance of Good Friday, we are posting our article on Thursday this week. 

Crossing The Digital Hashtag Divide

This past weekend was interesting and brought a smile to my face. I got to hear one of my favorite Christian singers, singing a couple songs with him (albeit from the pew) and saw marketing in action. Sure we see marketing efforts every day but it is not often that I see it in this manner. Sitting there in a church, I heard terms like Twitter posting and branded Hashtags. Sure, the singer was promoting their tour and a new record, however, what I saw was a mix of ages understanding these terms.

Only a couple of years ago I can remember discussing how important hashtags were even those that do not get ‘millions of views per hour’. I remember discussing how important it was to brand your own hashtags and though many people understand the need for them not everyone was on board. Yet last weekend, I got to see what I do every day in a tiny church, with a mixed group of people, hearing a newly branded hashtag. For me this was a wow moment, “I do that”, “That’s what my job is”, and of course the “Wow look at digital marketing crossing the divide”. When we think of digital marketing, we think of being online, using our devices and ultimately in a digital format. Times, however, are changing. We see hashtags being used on items all the time. T-Shirts, wristbands, papers, pens, billboards, movie screens all make use of them.

Hashtag Branding

Hashtag branding is much like other aspects of branding, to build a logo, name, word, to the point that even if people see a picture of it they know what it is. Now, thanks to the combination of the digital and traditional media we see those same online methods being put in place in a variety of areas. Hashtags that get millions of views per hour, such as #love or #life, began as someone’s idea to market them. Someone decided that they wanted to take a simple word and expand on it, share it, encourage others to use it. Those same words now have a massive reach through images, videos, text and links.

However, crossing the digital divide is not as easy as putting the new hashtag out there. You have to not only work on its online reach but also traditional (offline) reach as well. You have to use the hashtag in ways that make both human and computer sense. You have to place them accordingly and they have to be relevant to what you are talking about. Also, you have to use the right combination of hashtags without overusing them, very much like keywords. I have seen some post where every single word was a hashtag and others were they used only 2 or 3 of them.

So, how many hashtags do you use? Why?

The answer is not cut and dry, it actually depends on you, your post and your message. If you have a branded hashtag that has a large organic reach then maybe you only want one or two more. However, if you have a small hashtag you are wanting to brand, maybe you decide to use five more. Also, the social network you are going to use the hashtags on also makes a difference in how many you can use. The best way to determine the right amount of hashtags is how readable is your content, the reach you are going after and why you want to use those particular ones.  

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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 18

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1st Quarter Already?


As we are finishing the first quarter of the year, if you have not been monitoring your networks, now is the time to look back on what you have done so far. Have you been maintaining your social connections? Are you taking time to say hello and thank you to those that re-share your post? Have you stopped and shared others postings? And are you ready for the changes coming in April?

Today’s blog is going to be a bit of a mix… 

Give and Receive

When you share something and others take the time to re-share your post, it is only polite to stop and thank them. Have you seen the social tool called Commun.it? This particular platform reminds you to say thank you to those that Re-Tweeted your post. It also has you to say thank you to your contributors and makes note of recent followers. Why? Because these are essential parts of the give and take process required to be “social” on your social networks. Also, as you may have noticed when you say thank you to specific people they tend to like or say something in return. When you share their post, they tend to thank you for it and you then become one of their influencers.

Monitor and Adjust

As you go over what you have posted these past few months, look at what really stood out on your networks. Did it have a good reach or a great one? Did that fabulous post inspire people to click on it or just scroll over it? Impressions are required, interactions are needed and follow through is important. Make sure that where ever you are sending people with your post that they are going to be welcomed with an engaging site. Something that not just gets them there but also keeps them there. Ultimately make sure that the posts are relevant to material of the landing.

Remember that Spring is right around the corner so think about what you enjoy doing this time of year. Think about events taking place during this time and encourage interactions with your fans by sharing in their favorite past times as well. As the year progresses peak times, days and topics are going to as well, so keep on time with what you are putting out there.

Planning and Preparation For April – The Tech Side

April 2018 is going to mark some big changes for several different areas when it comes to being online and sharing your news. Google has announced “Starting with Chrome 66, Chrome will remove trust in Symantec-issued certificates issued prior to June 1, 2016. Chrome 66 is currently scheduled to be released to Chrome Beta users on March 15, 2018 and to Chrome Stable users around April 17, 2018.” (Google Blog) Also, as I am sure you have heard, this is the year that Google is pushing the SSL Certificate Requirement on all websites. (Computerworld)For those with newsletters and readers in the UK you are going to have to follow the new guidelines put into place. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which takes place in May will change how data, particularly email subscriber information is handled. You can read more about it at MailerLite.

How Does This Affect You?

You have a website, you probably have a newsletter, you reach more than the people in your town and you need to know. Taking time now to plan, prepare and perform the required steps to be ready will help you handle the changes, rather than waiting until the day it happens. Just as with marketing, writing, cooking, or any other activity if you plan in advance and make smaller changes along the way instead of all the changes at once, you are more likely to succeed. One thing that Real Marketing For Organic Growth discusses is planning to succeed. You have to set goals within a reasonable time frame and you cannot let yourself get overwhelmed. The best way to accomplish this is to NOT procrastinate but to start now. You may not be affected by the Symantec-issued certificates or GDPR but it’s better to know now and not find out later.Resources


  • Google Online Security Blog:Chrome’s Plan to Distrust Symantec Certificates https://security.googleblog.com/2017/09/chromes-plan-to-distrust-symantec.html via @google
  • Whats in the latest Chrome update? https://www.computerworld.com/article/3211427/web-browsers/whats-in-the-latest-chrome-update.html via @computerworld
  • GDPR and How Compliance Can Improve Your Email Marketing https://blog.mailerlite.com/gdpr-and-how-compliance-can-improve-your-email-marketing/ via @mailerlite



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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 17

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It’s been an interesting week around here, my youngest son turned 21, my middle daughter bought her last prom dress, while my youngest bought her first. My oldest daughter got good news and I got to have all my children together for not just 1 day but 2. Sorry that the post is a few hours behind schedule but life and the topic today seemed to set it at this time.

Knowing When…

As we have seen on the news and social media there have been terrible events taking place all around us. News like this is always shocking and in many it causes an urge for some form of action. Personally, I see it and it makes my heart ache. I hear the news and wish there were more feel good stories than bad ones. I then wonder what I can do about the situation. Today’s post is “Knowing When…” it is appropriate to post, where and what to say. To know what to post, first you have to know what is going on around you and your networks.

What is your network talking about? Do you see a lot of negativity? Do you wish you could say something but unsure what?

Perhaps go the different route?

Instead of posting something else that’s negative, try posting something that’s positive. Each day of the week has its own set of hashtags. These hashtags are the topics trending for that particular day. As you consider some positive or motivational post think about adding some of the trending hashtags.  Your positive or motivational posts do not have to be something you’ve written it can be a famous quote, a cute video or song that you feel fits the day.

Cause and Effect

Now that you have shared that positive or motivational post, you have done a couple different things. One, you have given the people in your social network something that invokes a positive moment that may just help lift someone’s day. Two, you have shared something personal about yourself, even if it’s not your “quote” it spoke to you. I read a post, Nurture Your Best Clients, just today where the author talked about how we had to interact and get to know one another before social media and mobile devices. How many of us remember how to really interact with each other in a positive manner?

Now is the time

We should share important news. Yes, we should try and help others. We should be aware of what is going on around us and take heart towards our fellow man. We should also consider what we share online. Just as with recycling we can choose to either clutter our timelines or we can choose to inspire them.

Nurture Your Best Clients Post Link: https://www.heggengroup.com/nurture-clients/ 

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This Platform Or That One?

Choosing the right platforms for your company and products can come across in two ways. One, you find it a fairly simple concept and just start signing up for everything you see others using or what suggestions are made by search engines. Two, you begin to feel overwhelmed by the concept and wonder which networks are better for you and all you have to do to set the network up.

We have had an account on Instagram for quite a while but it was not until recently that we have been using it. Why? Because until recently there were no options for us to post for our clients on it, since we were not there for them, we were not there for PM Inc. As you may have realized Personalized Marketing Inc is very much a Client Driven company. We should post more often, we should be more active on our networks, and we should get out and socialize more. However, most of the time you find us working on projects for our clients, doing things to enhance their services, even items that we may not have noticed in our original assessment.

Assessments Matter

Just as with choosing the right social platforms you have to assess whether they benefit you and your products at that time. Our general rule of thumb is if you are never going to use it do not sign up for it. However, if you might one day use it then sign up, get the username you want and then periodically check in on it. Even if it happens to be 10 years later, as in our case, you have the username you wanted. The network is ready and hopefully, you set up a password reminder that is easy for you to use.

As Personalized Marketing Inc expands its own social media presence we may very well find ourselves on networks that we had not considered before. But most likely it will be because we have a client that is there and we want to ensure we have a full understanding of the network without affecting their public profiles.

Our Growth

In the coming weeks, you are going to see some of these changes taking place on the company website. We have a new theme being developed by myself (Dee) and our manager, Cindy. It has taken us a bit longer to get the theme completed than we anticipated but that is because not only does it need to be right but primarily because Personalized Marketing Inc is always focused on the clients first.


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Tools We Use: 

Social Pilot http://www.socialpilot.co?refer=KFTFLIPA
Constant Contact https://bpconsole.constantcontact.com/logonSAML.do
Canva https://www.canva.com/personalizedmarketinginc
Siteground https://www.siteground.com/recommended?referrer_id=7588908
RiteTag https://ritetag.com/hashtag-search 
PostCron https://goo.gl/msz3Lc

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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 6

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We have been discussing how Real Marketing affects Organic Growth, so now it is time to cover Branding. Are each of your profiles easily recognizable? When you visit your networks do you ever check to see what it looks like to the viewers? You should. It will give you a very real look at what they are seeing. Granted most of the people that come to you have an idea of where they are heading but not always and not if you are striving for Organic Growth.

Images, Content, and URLs

Look at the header image, does it represent you and your branding? Can the viewers immediately tell where they are and what you offer? What about your profile picture or logo? Is it continuous from other networks or a random image? Does the image have your company logo? Yes, everyone has a logo or they should have, no matter what service or product you offer. What about the content you are putting on the networks? Do they easily navigate users back to your own home on the web or are those that click the post getting taken somewhere they will get lost in the masses? What about your URLs are they pretty SEO friendly or do they look like a jumbled mess?

Your Home

Your website is your primary home on the web, it should have all of the different places you are found online listed. It should have primary images that are being used on the various networks. It should give the same subconscious message that you see with other websites (Coffee Time Romance, PM Inc). Often times when someone shops for a particular product they look at not just the item but who makes the item. These are products that the companies have taken the time and effort to brand them.

SSM, SEO, and Branding

As Personalized Marketing Inc celebrates another year, we look at the branding we have done so far. We look at the images we have out there and what it says about us. No matter what account you go to we have the same images and same color designs on each of them. Why? Because we want the viewers to know subconsciously where they are without having to guess and what to expect from us. Sure we put out new updated looks on our website but we still stick with the same color scheme, header, and logo. Why? Because we want a universal branding and we have taken the time to do Search Engine Optimization on the items we put out. Even the original banner for PM Inc can be found on a Google Search, we did not delete it, we simply upgraded the look of it.


As you look at your branding, think about the images you are using, the fonts you have chosen and the color scheme you have. If any of them do not convey with a look who you are, the message you want to send and the emotional effect you want them to have. It might be time for a change. If you do change your look, make sure that you do it gradually. Do not cause subconscious confusion and make your fans think you are no longer available.


#PMInc #RealMarketing #OrganicGrowth

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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 5

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Finding The Balance Between
Marketing And Everything Else

As many know one of the hardest parts to marketing is finding the time to do it. Sure we use programs like Social Pilot and Hootsuite to help us schedule post and share from different sites, but that is only a part of the work involved. We still have to be on the networks to like and share, interact with our followers and engage the users. This means we have to find a balance between everything else we do and marketing.

One tool you can use to accomplish this is Google Calendar or any calendar that helps you to keep track of what you do each day. Personalized Marketing Inc uses Google Calendar, we actually have a few of them. I personally have 3 primary calendars, one for #PMInc events, PM Inc Daily task and a personal one. I put all my family’s appointments, my appointments, church events and pretty much anything that is not work related on it. I then add the Personalized Marketing Inc daily task as a guest. This puts the event on the Private Calendar for PM Inc’s daily list. I always set the personal events to private so I do not worry about it appearing on the Public Version. The PM Inc Daily task is also set to private since we value our client’s privacy. The Primary Personalized Marketing Inc calendar is set to public, this calendar has live events that either I or PM Inc is represented at. We also include public events for our clients on this calendar.


So today’s task for Real Marketing for Organic Growth is to find time for Marketing.

Now you can choose to have just one calendar, however, you might decide that you want to start using your Smartphone’s Calendar to find the balance between life and marketing.

1   1. Setup or Get a calendar (You can use a desktop calendar, just make sure you always carry it with you)

Determine how many calendars you need. Remember only do the amount you are willing to dedicate time to add events to.

2   2. For each day of the week fill out your daily obligations

Include everything … Getting family up, doing breakfast, going to the store, doctor appointments, other obligations, writing time

Now that you have filled in everything else, look at it and see where you can find time for marketing. Don’t panic if you realize you only have 15 minutes on one day and 30 on another day. Consistent marketing is not the minutes you spent but taking time each week to do it.


Time To Start A New Habit

The average person takes 30 days to start a new habit, so for the next month, you are going to have to commit to not just filling out your schedule but sticking to it. Let’s say you see you have 30 minutes each day free, it might be different times each day but it’s there. Put in that slot, FOCUS ON MARKETING. This is the time that you are going to dedicate to just marketing. You are going to pick a social network, check your notifications, share fan post and see what they are up to.


Granted knowing your fans, focus groups, ages, locations, times they are on helps but that requires a bit more knowledge of Analytics.


Tools We Use:

Social Pilot http://www.socialpilot.co?refer=KFTFLIPA

Google Calendar

Google Drive

Canva https://www.canva.com/personalizedmarketinginc

Siteground https://www.siteground.com/recommended?referrer_id=7588908 

RiteTag https://ritetag.com/hashtag-search



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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 4

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Have you set yourself up to fail?

Have you scheduled yourself so thin that you cannot maintain all the different things you have put on your schedule? Probably. What happens when you take time off or get sick? Do you find that your different networks and sites show a drop due to it? When you take a vacation you find a sitter for your pets, you make sure that you ask neighbors to keep an eye on your home. So why not hire or ask someone to watch over your networks? Either hire someone/company or get a buddy system for your social networks.

Do you have too many different social network accounts/profiles? Possibly. Do you really want an account for each of your endeavors or books? NO. If you know that you are not going to maintain the network, then it’s best to not even start it. You can use Hashtags and other ways to separate the different personas/products. If you find yourself with too many networks, then you spread yourself and fans too thin to get the maximum exposure.


Do I really need to have the TOP 5 networks?

Yes, and the reason why is Do You Have A Million Dollars To Spend On Marketing? No, most of us don’t but these large Social Networks and the Search Engines supporting them do. Have you noticed that you have to log into Google+, YouTube, Blogspot with your Gmail or Tumblr with your Yahoo? That’s because those sites are owned or branded by major Search Engines and to get on those Engines you have to use their services.


What about accounts you have forgotten?

First of all, do not panic. It’s okay if you have forgotten your passwords, you can recover them. Now do you close them out? Maybe, but if you have done cross promotions with your website then you are setting yourself up for 404 errors or worse sending people to someone else’s profile. The best thing is to either not open the account to start or log in once a month to make sure the account is not compromised.


#PMInc #RealMarketing #OrganicGrowth

Popular Hashtags on Marketing

#marketing #growthhacking #startup #success #digitalmarketing #networkmarketing #onlinemarketing #contentmarketing #socialmediamarketingtips #marketingagency #socialmarketing #growthhacking #startup #seo #tech #entrepreneur #socialmedia #business #twitter #instagram #work #startups #success #tips #smm #world #motivation #web #content


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