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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 13

Resolutions and Realistic Goals


It’s official, 2018 is here and if you are like us, you have been gearing up and getting ready for the New Year for a while now. However, if you are also like us then you have been waiting on some of those final changes to make sure they are still valid and feeling like you need a roadmap. The New Year often brings thoughts of looking at your goals with a new focus, evaluating what marketing efforts you made in 2017 and what to continue and what to get rid of. You have also probably spent the entire week playing catch-up because you took New Year’s Eve Weekend off, well at least we at Personalized Marketing Inc did.


While on the phone with Cindy, our new Manager, I kept thinking “wow I sound scatterbrained” which in retrospect I did. I had a lot of thoughts going through my head, strategies for clients, updates for the website and what the goal is for the company this year. During this conversation, Cindy and I both agreed that we may have an end goal for 2018 but let’s be smart and plan out quarterly what we are going to do. So today’s topic is about setting realistic goals and making resolutions you can actually keep.

Goals and Resolutions - #PMInc, Personalized Marketing Inc Real Marketing For Organic Growth


Goal 1, Amazing Services

Continue to provide the best service possible for those that we are graced enough to get to work with. Easy goal right; not always. Sometimes you want to do too much at one time and you end up falling short in more ways than one. Remember that planning is key to remaining on track. Write/type/record what you need to accomplish each day and how it affects your end goals, such as richer organic marketing.

Goal 2, Target Market and Support

Know your markets and the people that support them. We often work with writers and knowing their market seems simple enough, anywhere they are sold or advertising on. Well that’s sort of correct. Markets are more than just a place to buy something; they are also where you go to make connections. The people that support them are more than just the consumers but also the owners of that ‘mom and pop store’, those who tell others about you and ultimately those that stand by your side even when the water is murky.

Goal 3, Evaluate and Realign Your Thinking

If your focus group is dwindling down, is not interested in buying what you are offering or seems easily distracted elsewhere, then it’s time to reevaluate who they are and how you are reaching them. Take a good look at your Analytics (yup I went there) and see who makes up the demographics of your fans or followers. Do you have several others in the same field as you offering the same thing as you? Cross promotions and being nice to the other guy is not wrong but it might explain why you do not seem to be reaching your target audience.

These may not seem like type of goals you were expecting. However, they do cause you to focus more on who you are trying to reach. Prioritize on how to get the attention of that oh so elusive audience; while at the same time keeping those already with you happy.



The Resolutions are based on who you are, what you represent and how you want others to feel about you at the end of the day.

  1. Take time to pay attention when someone makes a nice comment about you and thank them for it.
  2. Do not set unrealistic expectations and get mad when they do not happen.
  3. Remember that you would not be where you are today with those behind you, so say thank you.
  4. Be nicer than you were last year, many people, especially YOU; do not like crabby, cranky cashiers at the store. So it is safe to assume that your focus group does not either, remember even if it is a goodbye, say it with a smile.
  5. Make a commitment to setting task along the way to achieving your goals. Goals can be hard to do especially if you are limited on time or do not have any spare room for changes. So instead of worry about “Big Goals” use smaller task. I can assure you that putting a checkmark next to a ‘to-do’ item feels fabulous and keeps you motivated.

Ultimately life is what you make of it. If you are in a positive mood when you begin something, even when it becomes frustrating and trying you will still find joy in your work and are more likely to finish what you started on.


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