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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 11

Thanksgiving – To Advertise or Not

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I can remember growing up that this time of the year is more about spending time with family and less about getting to the store first. I can remember making memories putting up the Christmas Tree and baking cookies, rather than getting up before dawn to beat everyone else to the store. I also remember these being fond times of my childhood and I want to pass that along to my children and grand children. I did Black Friday one year and that was more than enough for me. Sure I got a great deal on a T.V. and a few other items but I didn’t get that nostalgic feeling I can remember as a child.

The memories our children and grand children are getting include being bombarded with ads in the mail, emails for sales and going to the store suddenly is a health risk and takes even longer than before. While all this is normal at this time of year, it can still be a trying time. Not only are you dealing with others marketing efforts but you also have to do your own.

So, how do you deal with all the advertisements and still entice others to pay attention to yours?

Well you could jump on the band wagon and do your own Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday event. You could then piggyback of sorts off all the others that are doing it. You could go a little more traditional and just wish everyone a Happy Holiday Weekend remembering that it is a season of giving and not necessarily receiving. You could also chose to not do anything special at all.

Automation is the key to family time, so find a program and schedule those holiday post now! (Sorta like this article… Scheduled before publication) 

The choice is really yours to make. You have to be willing to make a decision and stand by it. If you do decide to do a special then you should be prepared for a couple different outcomes. One, you do great and get a ton of sales/emails/signups, which then you get the joy of responding to each one. Second, you do the work but do not really see any results from it. Now this does not mean that you did something wrong, it just means that your target group was busy elsewhere and will check you out when they get a chance.

Personalized Marketing Inc, chooses to participate to an extent each year.

We take the Holidays off and spend it with our families. However, we do participate in Cyber Monday with a special on services. Instead of counting on that one day only we do a Cyber Week special. Why? Because we know that if we are busy with family then our focus group is most likely as well.

So deciding whether you want to promote during the holiday season is really based on you and those you focus on. Determining what to promote is also based on the people you want to reach and how you want to grow. Ultimately, it is better to put something out and keep going forward with marketing than it is to not.


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