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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 19

In observance of Good Friday, we are posting our article on Thursday this week. 

Crossing The Digital Hashtag Divide

This past weekend was interesting and brought a smile to my face. I got to hear one of my favorite Christian singers, singing a couple songs with him (albeit from the pew) and saw marketing in action. Sure we see marketing efforts every day but it is not often that I see it in this manner. Sitting there in a church, I heard terms like Twitter posting and branded Hashtags. Sure, the singer was promoting their tour and a new record, however, what I saw was a mix of ages understanding these terms.

Only a couple of years ago I can remember discussing how important hashtags were even those that do not get ‘millions of views per hour’. I remember discussing how important it was to brand your own hashtags and though many people understand the need for them not everyone was on board. Yet last weekend, I got to see what I do every day in a tiny church, with a mixed group of people, hearing a newly branded hashtag. For me this was a wow moment, “I do that”, “That’s what my job is”, and of course the “Wow look at digital marketing crossing the divide”. When we think of digital marketing, we think of being online, using our devices and ultimately in a digital format. Times, however, are changing. We see hashtags being used on items all the time. T-Shirts, wristbands, papers, pens, billboards, movie screens all make use of them.

Hashtag Branding

Hashtag branding is much like other aspects of branding, to build a logo, name, word, to the point that even if people see a picture of it they know what it is. Now, thanks to the combination of the digital and traditional media we see those same online methods being put in place in a variety of areas. Hashtags that get millions of views per hour, such as #love or #life, began as someone’s idea to market them. Someone decided that they wanted to take a simple word and expand on it, share it, encourage others to use it. Those same words now have a massive reach through images, videos, text and links.

However, crossing the digital divide is not as easy as putting the new hashtag out there. You have to not only work on its online reach but also traditional (offline) reach as well. You have to use the hashtag in ways that make both human and computer sense. You have to place them accordingly and they have to be relevant to what you are talking about. Also, you have to use the right combination of hashtags without overusing them, very much like keywords. I have seen some post where every single word was a hashtag and others were they used only 2 or 3 of them.

So, how many hashtags do you use? Why?

The answer is not cut and dry, it actually depends on you, your post and your message. If you have a branded hashtag that has a large organic reach then maybe you only want one or two more. However, if you have a small hashtag you are wanting to brand, maybe you decide to use five more. Also, the social network you are going to use the hashtags on also makes a difference in how many you can use. The best way to determine the right amount of hashtags is how readable is your content, the reach you are going after and why you want to use those particular ones.  

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