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#PMInc Guest: CTR Staff Tory

#PMInc Guest CTR

Personalized Marketing Inc 11th Anniversary Guest Blogger:

Coffee Time Romance Staffer – Tory

You know them, you love them as much as we do! Welcome the Coffee Time Romance Staffers!
So we asked them some questions on how they take care of themselves.

Visit with the Coffee Time Staffers August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 24th.

Coffee Time Romance Staffer - Tory1. Are you glued to technology and if so, what do you do to disconnect?

Believe it or not I do housework to disconnect

2. What do you do to unwind?

Take a nap or have a glass of wine before bed

3. Anything special you do to treat yourself?

Get a pedi and a haircut

4. Do you have a hobby that isn’t involved in what you do each day? (Painting, gardening, knitting, biking, etc)

Writing is my hobby

5. Everyone is concerned about being healthy while working on a computer, what do you do to try and improve your health?

Again, I have to fall back on housework.  I've always liked cleaning and find it relaxing, plus it gets me moving. I don't have to do it, I'm retired and live with my daughter and her family but I clean the kitchen every day, load and unload the dish washer, I also keep the bathroom I share with my grandchildren clean, do the laundry and clean my part of the house every day.

6. While working is there anything special you do help ease your mental stress or physical aches?

I'm retired and stress free

7. What advice would you want to give others if you could?

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Tory writes erotic contemporary, suspense, and paranormal romance. She believes in happily ever after, and no cliffhangers! You can find all of her books on her Amazon author page and website. She enjoys hearing from readers whether by email or comments left on her blog. Anyone who signs up for her newsletter receives a free ebook, newsletter sign-up is on her website.

Visit her at

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