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#PMInc Guest: CTR Staff Llaph

#PMInc Guest CTR Llaph

Personalized Marketing Inc 11th Anniversary Guest Blogger:

Coffee Time Romance Staffer – Llaph

You know them, you love them as much as we do! Welcome the Coffee Time Romance Staffers!
So we asked them some questions on how they take care of themselves.

Visit with the Coffee Time Staffers August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 24th.


Are you glued to technology and if so, what do you do to disconnect?

For the most part I am glued to technology—I depend on my iPhone for a lot of things. When I want to get away from tech, I usually do that by going to a work-out or hanging out with a friend.

What do you do to unwind?

To unwind I generally work-out, read, or listen to Netflix or a movie.  

Anything special you do to treat yourself?

Most months I treat myself to something I’d been wanting—such as a book, clothes, or a piece of tech I’ve been eyeing.  

Do you have a hobby that isn’t involved in what you do each day?

My hobbies include working out, reading, and working on being more social.

Everyone is concerned about being healthy while working on a computer, what do you do to try and improve your health?

I do my best to limit my computer time to smaller stretches at a time. When I get tired, I’ll switch to my phone for a little bit or get up and spend a few minutes away from it.

While working is there anything special you do help ease your mental stress or physical aches?

One thing that I do while working is play music in the background. It really can improve your mood and productivity.

What advice would you want to give others if you could?

Get up and move, learn exercises that will help with the fatigue you get from sitting hunched over at a desk, and it is never too late to improve yourself in most ways. Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.

I enjoy reading and reviewing books here at CTR, since it lets me try out new genres and authors that I normally wouldn’t have found myself. I can also share my thoughts and chat with like-minded people. After all, sharing my thoughts in a format other people can read is a bit more productive than talking over my thoughts in my own head. (Not to mention less crazy sounding.) I look forward to reading more and talking about what I think to whoever will listen. Now I mainly read, chat, and write, sometimes I even share the weirdness that I think up.

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