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#PMInc Guest: CTR Staff Franny

Personalized Marketing Inc 11th Anniversary Guest Blogger:

Coffee Time Romance Staffer – Franny

You know them, you love them as much as we do! Welcome the Coffee Time Romance Staffers!
So we asked them some questions on how they take care of themselves.

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Are you glued to technology and if so, what do you do to disconnect?

Yes, and I seldom disconnect and do much else. Sometimes I’ll garden or spend my time organizing my messy house, but mostly I am connected and glued to it. An author’s lot in life, I guess.

What do you do to unwind?

I like to surf the net and spend a lot of time watching tv or hanging around with my grandkids. They sure keep me hopping, it’s true, but I find being with them is a joy so I guess that’s what I’d call my unwinding moments.

Anything special you do to treat yourself like maybe a favorite meal each month?

I sometimes treat myself with an ice cream or a couple of lottery scratch and win tickets. It all depends on my mood at the time.

Do you have a hobby that isn’t involved in what you do each day? (Painting, gardening, knitting, biking, etc)

I do stained glass, which takes up a ton of space and makes the house look like a bomb hit it. I also write, write, write to calm the storm of characters in my brain.

Everyone is concerned about being healthy while working on a computer, what do you do to try and improve your health? (5 min breaks, standing some while working, walking during the morning, limit time on computer, etc)

I go for walks or head to the casino for more techy fun. That part may not improve my health, but I sure enjoy it and have a lot of walking around the casino searching for my husband. lol He moves from machine to machine and I usually have a hard time finding him which means I walk a lot in the building. Other than that, I spend a lot of time cleaning and chasing the new puppy as well as the grandkids.

While working is there anything special you do help ease your mental stress or physical aches? (listen to music, stand while working, etc)

I’m disabled so my work is on my computer. I also create book covers and edit books, which I enjoy. I do make sure that I get up and do chores as well so I’m not sitting for hours at a time working on my projects.

What advice would you want to give others if you could?

No matter what you are doing, if you love it, use wisdom and make sure you take care of your health first. When illness strikes, it takes away from the pleasure of technology. I do try to behave, but being an Aries, I have a difficult time with that. Lol

Franny Armstrong is a mother of three and a grandmother of four. Her husband supports her imagination, and has the patience of a saint. She’s been writing since she was a child, creating plays to act out in front of the neighbourhood children. She charged them five cents admission to join her in the family garage for the play.

Since 2002, after a serious breakdown, Franny had to express herself on the computer since she couldn’t speak, everything coming out gibberish at that time. She’s slowly healed to the point that she functions fairly well. Writing was the best medicine for her, and still is.

Franny loves to write about rainforests and the Caribbean, rather than about cities. Her characters are well rounded and share her wacky sense of humour. Writing is her life!

Visit her at


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