BookEn Round

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Personalized Marketing Newest Service Package…

We will take your books (or other items) and do a cross promotion on Top Social Networks. The best part about this service is that you can tailor it to the networks of your choosing.

For Publishers & eBook Stores this is a way to bring your authors and their readers to your Social Page… Authors a new way to reach out to readers, publishers, reviewers and more. Cross Promoting will help with build your Viral Organic Growth.


1 Social Site Book Promotion
$50.00 / Month
3 Social Sites                $75.00 / Month
4 or more Social Sites            $100.00 / Month


Example: Mon-Fri Posting

5 per day one each 2 or 3 hours starting at 9:00 AM (or a schedule that works for you)

  • Mon – Featured Item
  • Tues – Featured Item + One Additional Item
  • Weds – Featured About You / Company / Author
  • Thurs – Featured Item + One Additional Item
  • Fri – Featured Item + One Additional Item + More Buying Options
  • Sat (Previously Scheduled Postings Only) Featured Item + One Additional Item + More Buying Options (Or a combination of your choosing)

Let us do the hard work… We will help chose the best days to post on… Times to Post and continue to promote continual promotions even between book releases.


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