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Guest Post by Career Karma

What Does Remote Work Mean For Tech Salaries Working from home is the new trend for employees. Remote work used to be a luxury. Now it has become a standard way of working for tech employees. Tech companies built sprawling campuses aimed at giving employees all of the luxuries their employees had at home: deluxe espresso machines, gym memberships, showers, and sushi stations for lunch. There is no doubt these are cool to have in an office, but many of these amenities are enjoyed more at home. Tech employees made this a realization when COVID-19 forced them to work at…

Do Not Just Settle

It has been a while since my last post … but that is because I was finishing up my MBA. Now that college is over, I expect to get back to a regular schedule. Some of the future posts will be about what I learned in school, some about marketing, and other topics or thoughts that come across. You will also see blogs by Cindy, #PMInc’s manager, about her thoughts on various topics including those in business. I had always heard the expression “Do what you know”, however, when I began Personalized Marketing Inc in 2008 there were many things…


Putting our clients first is and always will be the Year Long resolution for Personalized Marketing Inc.  

Christmas Posting Is Here

Christmas also means planning on posting and knowing when to send them out. As with each season the time and days are shifting and will shift again after the New Year and when the seasons change. Understanding when to post is just as important, if not more than knowing what to post. #PMInc #Christmas